RS (Philosophy & Ethics)

All students have one hour per week in key stage 3 and follow the LA agreed syllabus.

Philosophy and ethics is part of the core curriculum and an option choice at both GCSE and A level.

This course meets the national curriculum requirements for the teaching and learning of religious education. A variety of topics are covered within the course, for example: the nature of belief, death and the afterlife, religion and science, religion and medical ethics, religion, peace and justice and religion and human relationships.

Students are expected to keep up to date with current events in the areas being studied and include topical issues in their written work and examinations.

The department is staffed by two full time members, each with their own dedicated teaching rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards.

We have good links with the local churches and local Christian youth groups.

About the curriculum for this subject

Some agreed syllabus conferences, LEAs, SACREs and schools have defined their own assessment scales. However, although valuable, these scales vary in nature, scope and demand. To help improve the consistency and effectiveness of assessment in RE, QCA provided the non-statutory scale. The scale was first published in 2000 in the QCA publication Non-statutory guidance on RE.
This scale, as far as is possible, does not depend on any particular content; it may be applied to any agreed syllabus to develop progression in a consistent way. However, the scale does not represent all aspects of teaching and learning in RE. Areas such as personal beliefs, opinions and reflections are not included because they are inappropriate for assessment.
The scale is made up of two attainment targets that describe the knowledge, skills and understanding that students are expected to have by the end of the key stage. The attainment targets consist of eight level descriptions of increasing difficulty, plus a description of exceptional performance above level 8. Each level description describes the type and range of performance that students working at that level should characteristically demonstrate.

Course specifications can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

A/AS Level specification - EDEXCEL

A Level specification - AQA

AS Level specification - AQA

GCSE specification - new