Vision for SMSC - Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural

We are committed to an ethos-led, holistic approach to providing SMSC. The school’s vision is ‘each student is to be happy, fulfilled and determined by the quality of relationships in the school’. In addition to this, we have also taken an uncompromising stance on morality, personal self-control and discipline coupled with a sensitive, generous understanding that young people sometimes make mistakes.

Head of School, Mr James Newman, regards academic progress as an inevitable outcome for any student who attends Epsom and Ewell High School and states that ‘confident, articulate students who take responsibility for their own learning consistently achieve beyond their predicted capabilities everyday’.

SMSC in the curriculum

SMSC is clearly embedded throughout the curriculum at Epsom and Ewell High School. Senior and middle leaders shape the curriculum delivery to address each element of SMSC wherever possible. An important part of this integrated approach is a comprehensive working document which highlights examples of SMSC in all subject areas. Our website ensures that this document is public to students, parents and other stakeholders. In addition to this, the pastoral programme run by Heads of Year allows students to discuss various issues related to SMSC every day. Discussions are open and students are encouraged voice their opinions in a controlled, concise and relevant manner.

‘I think the SMSC discussions are relevant – we take situations and moral dilemmas and think and act through ways that we would go about responding and try to determine the best way.’

Year 8 student

Beyond the curriculum

We are a school focused on role modelling, starting at the top through the leadership team and extending to all teaching staff. Staff model consistency in their behaviour through respecting the opinions of others and staff are committed to working with parents/carers to set clear expectations for students which support their wider development.


Students at Epsom and Ewell High School feel that their school is a place with a strong ethos of fairness, respecting other people’s opinions and supporting healthy debate. Notably, students felt most of the content relevant to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development came from outside of school sources such as social media, parents and family and current events.

Measuring impact

Since embedding SMSC into the curriculum, the leadership and management team at Epsom and Ewell High School have looked for and seen the following changes:

  • Greater enthusiasm
  • Students are more independent and motivated by seeing the intrinsic meaning in what they are learning
  • Students’ curiosity increases
  • Students are more able to draw on knowledge and learning beyond what is being taught in lessons
  • Students are increasingly well rounded and more confident

Next steps

  • Continue to put SMSC at the heart of school life
  • Increase the awareness of the challenging issues which occur outside of school every day
  • Ensure every student leaves Epsom and Ewell High School as a balanced and well-rounded individual