Extended Project Qualification

At a glance

Course title                       Extended Project Qualification

Level                                Level 3 (0.3 A Level) 

Exam board                       Edexcel (www.edexcel.com)

The aims of the EPQ are to:

• Develop and improve student’s own learning as critical, reflective and independent learners
• Develop and apply decision making and problem solving skills
• Extend planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills
• Become an ‘expert’ in a chosen area

What is the EPQ?

This is a chance to pursue a real interest or passion and demonstrate your learning beyond the classroom. The aim of the project is to encourage intellectual curiosity and develop independent learning skills that universities wish to see in their applicants. It is the equivalent of an AS Level and it also allows you to produce a detailed piece of work that can be submitted to a university as part of your application if work is requested. It will also allow you to taste university style research and learning. Many universities are revising their offers to a lower grade if the EPQ is being offered alongside A Levels. You submit a research dissertation which is assessed, alongside being graded on the process you go through to complete it.