The Brilliant Club graduation trip

On Thursday 8th June a group of year 9 & 10 students were invited to Royal Holloway University to take part in a graduation ceremony with The Brilliant Club.

These students have been working since February to create a dissertation style project and have been tutored by a PhD student from Oxford University.

Ryan Grant-Khailani delivered the keynote speech to over 100 people.

The 12 students involved in the programme this year were:

1. Ellie Ingles

2. Jessie Tarling

3. Yoohyun Son

4. Ruby Bowers

5. Katie Quick

6. Sophie Skanes

7. James Bates

8. Alfie Sibley

9. Noyan Ahmed

10. Sam Cronk

11. Dante Colborne

12. Ryan Grant Khailani

Congratulations to all involved.



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