EEHS have a new dance department allowing students to experience an exciting range of dance styles from street dance to contemporary.

Dance is a standalone GCSE offering students the opportunity to learn the technical skills of movement, anatomy, physiology and dance composition.

The skills learnt within dance will allow students to create their own work, continue with their studies in higher education or work as a dancer or choreographer within their chosen field.

Dance is a full time subject within the curriculum for years 7 and 8, with GCSE dance and A Level performing arts offered in the KS4 and 5 options.

As a member of the performing arts department, students will have to opportunity to work with and learn about professionals from the world of dance, sharing skills and choreographic ideas to bring back to their own work.

Students will have numerous occasions to perform at school and are actively encouraged to take part in local theatre showcases and whole school productions.

About the curriculum for this subject

Course specifications can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

A Level specification

GCSE specification