The History department has three dedicated classrooms, all with interactive whiteboards, and has a staff of three full time teachers.

The subject always achieves good standards at all key stages. History is a popular option choice at both key stage 4 and 5. The department also offers Law at GCSE and A level.

External visits are an integral part of the subject and students have the opportunity to undertake some in each key stage. There will be a small charge involved as a voluntary contribution towards transport costs associated with external visits.

Extra-curricular activities are very important to the department. We run revision and homework clubs and are at the forefront of the school's drive to improve its understanding of our local community. We are very involved in the schools community cohesion work and have a powerful voice on the school council.

About the Curriculum

The attainment target in history sets out the knowledge, skills and understanding that students of different abilities and maturities are expected to have by the end of each key stage. Attainment targets consist of eight level descriptions of increasing difficulty, plus a description of exceptional performance above level 8. Each level description describes the type and range of performance that students working at that level should characteristically demonstrate.

Name Date  
AS and A Level History Specification 02nd Oct 2014 Download
GCSE History Specification 02nd Oct 2014 Download
History - Key Stage 3 23rd Sep 2014 Download