The Mathematics department has seven members of staff. Each teacher has his or her own classroom equipped with an interactive whiteboard. In addition there is a 30 PC ICT suite to enhance learning in mathematics.

The department is successful and we aim to have the majority of students achieving a grade C or better at GCSE.

We offer mathematics at both AS and A2 level. In addition, further mathematics is available for some students. All information relating to courses can be downloaded via the curriculum link.

Extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the development of the students. We enter the UK national mathematics challenge and run the school's fantasy football league!

NOTE: Students will be required to have a calculator throughout the course and in the majority of examinations. Scientific calculators can be purchased through the school at a reduced price.

About the Curriculum

The attainment targets in mathematics set out the knowledge, skills and understanding that students of different abilities and maturities are expected to have by the end of each key stage. Attainment targets consist of eight level descriptions of increasing difficulty, plus a description of exceptional performance above level 8. Each level description describes the type and range of performance that students working at that level should characteristically demonstrate.

Name Date  
AS and A Level Maths Specification 02nd Oct 2014 Download
GCSE Maths Specification 02nd Oct 2014 Download
KS3 Maths Specification 02nd Oct 2014 Download