The Music department has two full time teachers and fantastic facilities. We have a dedicated music block with one classroom with interactive whiteboard and three practice rooms. Students also have access to an Apple Mac suite running Sibelius and Logic music software. We put on numerous musical events and provide all the sound for each of our school productions.

Music lessons are available on request - contact Jenny Gibbons or Harriet Oughton at the school

We have a vibrant programme of community music events and our school productions have a big reputation.

The department offers a variety of courses. At key stage 4 we offer GCSE Music. The team is also involved in the delivery of A level performing arts in the sixth form.

Students need to practise their instrument daily, compose music at home to back up the work in lessons and complete listening assignments to increase knowledge and confidence.

About the Curriculum

The attainment target in music sets out the knowledge, skills and understanding that students of different abilities and maturities are expected to have by the end of each key stage. Attainment targets consist of eight level descriptions of increasing difficulty, plus a description of exceptional performance above level 8. Each level description describes the type and range of performance that students working at that level should characteristically demonstrate. The level descriptions provide the basis for making judgements about students' performance at the end of key stages 1, 2 and 3.

Name Date  
GCSE Music Specification 02nd Oct 2014 Download
Music - Key Stage 3 23rd Sep 2014 Download