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EEHS - Healthy Eating Statement


At Epsom and Ewell High School we understand that our student’s health is affected by the quality, quantity and content of the all foods available in school. We recognised that many students were not choosing a healthy school lunch. We had a number of students who were making unhealthy choices and felt it was important to prioritise and improve the quality lunches offered to students.

Areas for development

We identified through an investigation into of the provision of food in the canteen and discussions with students and staff what the main areas for development were, and these included:


  • Improving the variation, presentation and quality of school lunches.
  • Improving the management of menus to encompass much more healthy choices.
  • Monitoring and inspecting portion control to ensure all students are eating a recommended amount.
  • Improving the experience of eating school lunches for students and staff.


Since identifying the main areas for improvement we have:

  • Supported our very well trained and motivational chief cook who has provided great leadership in making the necessary improvements to achieve our goal.
  • Improved the training provided to all kitchen staff that provide an excellent service to customers and students.
  • Launched a drive on excellent presentation of food to engage students as well as other stakeholders.
  • Surveyed students to identity their likes and dislikes, and encouraged them to try the new menus.
  • Adapted the menus to include healthy foods students and customers would like to eat.
  • Developed special themed days and menus.



  • The dinner hall is noticeably more sociable as students and customers enjoy eating their healthy food.
  • Student surveys show an improvement in perceptions of the quality of food in the canteen.
  • Children have access to a healthier diet which impacts on their general health and concentration.
  • Students are having more fruit and vegetables as part of there every day meal.
  • Students are more open and accepting of healthy choices in the canteen.

Next Steps

  • Continue to audit, monitor and inspect the quality of food and nutritional standard of the canteen in collaboration with out catering partner.
  • Encourage students to attempt a new rewards system which offers free meals in exchange for a series of healthy choices.

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