Sam Learning

Final-Buttons-243x154-01Sam Learning encourages students to become independent learners, students must know how to locate and effectively utilise materials on their own. SAM Learning provides an established, enabling environment to develop Independent Learning:

• Motivates students to take responsibility for their own learning

• Develops students’ awareness to become effective learners

• Helps students build confidence in their own ability to learn

• Provides useful data on student progress, contributing to formative assessments.

• Promotes parental understanding and support for independent learning

Forgotten your Student login details?

  •     The Centre ID needs to be entered without spaces. For example: KT19EA
  •     Your User ID is your Date of Birth followed by 2 initials.

For Example: 310196DJ is the User ID for David Jones. Born 31st January 1996.

  •     If you have not changed your password it will be the same as your User ID.

All students have access to on-line revision materials.