Applied Law

At a glance

Course title                                Applied Law

Level                                        BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma

Exam board                               Pearson

Why study applied law?

As part of the BTEC in Applied Law, students will study law making in the UK, the UK court systems and areas of law such as criminal law and negligence. The study of law helps develop the learner’s analytical ability and critical thinking. It also develops problem-solving skills through the application of legal rules. Study at BTEC level provides a useful background for further study of law, either as the main subject or subsidiary part of a degree, foundation degree or for the many professional qualifications that have a law component. The course has been designed in consultation with employers and professional bodies to ensure that it will equip learners with knowledge, understanding and skills required in the legal sector.

Course content

Unit 1 – Dispute Solving in Civil Law

Learners explore how civil disputes are resolved both in the courts and by alternative means. They will examine the making and working of precedent and its application in the law of negligence.

Unit 2 – Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System

Learners research how laws are made and interpreted, who advises and decides on the outcome of criminal cases and the punishments that can be imposed if laws are broken, They will then present advice to clients on non-fatal offence case studies.

Unit 3 – Applying the Law

Learners examine the law related to specific crimes, including homicide and offences against property. They will explore police procedures for dealing with such offences.

Unit 4 – Aspects of Tort

Learners explore how the law of tort protects people and the enjoyment of their property. They will examine compensation for loss, damage and injury in aspects of negligence, nuisance and occupiers’ liability cases.