Applied Science

At a glance


Course title                                Applied Science

Level                                         BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma

Exam board                               Edexcel (


BTEC Level 3 in Applied Science will give you an insight into the working lives of different types of scientists. It involves practical activities as well as opportunities for independent work and research. You will study aspects of all 3 sciences, particularly in the first year.

Course overview

During year 12 you will complete the equivalent of an AS level. The A2 units are completed during your second year:

Unit 1 - Fundamentals of Science: In this unit you will study aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It will involve practical work using microscopes, making standard solutions and testing their accuracy and using calorimeters to work out the calorific value of fuels. There will also be some work on how scientific information is communicated.

Unit 2 - Working in the Science Industry: This unit centres around the scientific workplace and how information is stored and communicated, the standard procedures that are in place and how a science laboratory is laid out for maximum efficiency.

Unit 4 - Scientific practical techniques: Here you get to hone your practical and mathematical skills. You will complete qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques, use various methods to separate substances, learn of different ways that samples can be tested for purity and use various measuring instruments/sensors.


Assessment is continual using standard BTEC Applied Science assignments. There will be approximately 15 assignments during the first year and each one of them must be completed to at least pass level in order to successfully achieve a grade. Various formats will be used including practical write-ups, leaflets, reports and PowerPoint presentations.