At a glance


Course title                               Biology

Level                                          AS and A2

Exam board                              AQA (


The A level course considers a wide range of topics including cell structure, biochemistry, inheritance, ecology and the life processes of flowering plants and mammals. These topics will be divided between the first part (AS) and the second part (A2) of the course.

Field work will be offered to all students when a wide range of habitats will be intensively studied.

Students will be encouraged to buy their own text book so that the pages can be annotated.

This course will complement Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Psychology or Sports Studies and will provide a balanced curriculum with many other subjects.

Course overview

Biology is an ideal subject in which to develop and foster a wide variety of skills. There is a requirement for students to carry out a range of calculations based on data they have collected during experiments.

Students will develop their communication skills in many ways, from giving short talks, participating in discussions and producing extended pieces of writing.

All of the assessment is done through written exams containing short-answer and structured, longer questions. 10% of the marks are maths based questions..

There are twelve mandatory practicals which must be carried out during the course. Practical skills will be assessed during these tasks and students will be assigned a "pass" or "fail" practical mark – this is independent of the final grade