Business Studies

At a glance

Course title                              Business Studies

Entry Requirement                  B in GCSE Business Studies  

Exam board                              AQA (

Why study Business Studies?

Business Studies will enable you to develop a critical understanding of organisations, behaviour and the process of decision-making. You will develop the ability to organise information, ideas and arguments

clearly and logically through case studies. From the beginning of a business start-up, to the challenges faced by large multinational corporations, this course is applied to the real world today.

Course content

The following 10 areas will be covered over the two years of study. Units 1-to 6 will be tested in the AS paper.

  •  What is business?
  •  Managers, leadership and decision making
  •  Decision making to improve marketing performance
  •  Decision making to improve operation performance
  •  Decision making to improve financial performance
  •  Decision making to improve human resource performance
  •  Analysing the strategic position of a business
  •  Choosing strategic direction
  •  Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
  •  Managing strategic change