At a glance

Course title                    Chemistry

Level                               AS and A2

Exam board                   AQA (


Chemistry is an essential requirement for many degree courses and careers. Because A Level Chemistry combines numeracy and literacy it is a very versatile subject and will be an acceptable qualification to many non-scientific courses.

Course overview

A level Chemistry builds on earlier work done during the GCSE Science courses in years 10 and 11. Students will be encouraged to:


Study Chemistry in a modern context

Become enthusiastic about the subject

Show how you can bring different ideas together

Develop practical skills and the ability to analyse data

Appreciate how science works and its importance in the modern world.

The first module of the course covers atomic structure and isotopes, different types of bonding, patterns in the periodic table and an introduction to organic chemistry. There are twelve mandatory practicals which will be assessed to give students a “pass” or a “fail” in practical skills. This is independent of the final grade.

There is no coursework and 20% of all marks are based on mathematical questions.