At a glance

Course title                     French

Entry Requirements      Level 5 in French

Exam board                    AQA (

Why study French?

Whatever plans you may have for the future, the knowledge of another language can create many new and exciting opportunities to develop a valuable life skill, to travel further afield and also to appreciate the cultural differences that we have in the world today. By the end of the French course, you will be able to successfully communicate with over 200 million French speakers around the world. Therefore an ability to speak French is also a big advantage in the international job market. French works well with any subject due to the wide range of topics that we cover in the course content. Not only will you learn about France itself, but you will also acquire essential communication skills and will gain a greater appreciation for French literature and cinema.

Course content

Year 1:

Paper 1: Listening/Reading/Writing – 40%

Paper 2: Writing about a film or book that you have studied – 30%

Paper 3: Oral exam: Discussion of two topic sub-themes – 30%

Year 2:

Paper 1: Listening/Reading/Writing – 30%

Paper 2: Writing about one film and one book that you have studied – 30%

Paper 3: Oral exam: Discussion of researched topic, followed by discussion of one topic sub-theme – 30%

Topics include aspects of daily life, leisure and entertainment, communication and media, education, environment, technology and culture. You will learn the language and grammar needed to operate at an advanced level but equally important for us is to give you an insight into the ‘French way’ of thinking.