At a glance

Course title                       Geography

Level                                  AS and A2

Exam board                      AQA ( )


Among many other benefits, this specification is designed to encourage candidates to:

Develop fieldwork skills and study geographical issues and impacts

Apply these skills in a fieldwork investigation for the exam paper

Develop a specialist interest within the field of geography and progress to higher education and employment

Course overview AS

All candidates study core physical and human geography, as well as optional topics of their choice. In each area of study candidates will consider the values and attitudes of decision makers, consider their own values and attitudes and support their learning of ideas through the study of specific case studies. Candidates also develop a variety of geographical skills, which broaden and deepen existing knowledge and are employed with a greater degree of independence:

Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography - Rivers, Coasts, Population and Health Issues

Unit 2: Applied Geography– this is a skills based paper and fieldwork


At A2, candidates continue to study a combination of human and physical geography. Candidates can choose whether to undertake preparatory investigative work in the field to be able to produce a fieldwork investigation, or undertake an issue evaluation exercise to extend the content within the specialised context of issue evaluation:


Unit 3: Contemporary Geographical Issues - Ecosystems, World Cities, Globalisation and Development

Unit 4A: Geography Fieldwork Investigation and Skills