At a glance

Course title                       German

Entry Requirements         Level 5 in German

Exam board                      AQA (

Why study German?

Whatever plans you may have for the future, knowledge of German will increase your options. Germany is the world’s third strongest economy and more than 100 million people speak German as their first language in Europe. Knowledge of German will increase your employment opportunities in business and banking, science and research, media and communication. If you want to be a real player in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge you need. Many courses  at university incorporate a year abroad and German universities are well established partners not only for linguists but for students taking degrees in Science, Engineering, Law and Politics.

Course Content

Year 1:

Paper 1: Listening/Reading/Writing – 40%

Paper 2: Writing about a film or book that you have studied – 30%

Paper 3: Oral exam: Discussion of two topic sub-themes – 30%

Year 2:

Paper 1: Listening/Reading/Writing – 30%

Paper 2: Writing about one film & one book that you have studied – 30%

Paper 3: Oral exam: Discussion of researched topic, followed by discussion of one topic sub-theme – 30%

Topics include:

• Festivals and traditions
• Art and architecture
• Past and present cultural life of Berlin
• Political life