At a glance


Course title                                 History

Entry Requirement                     Level 5 in History

Exam board                                 Edexcel (www.edexcel.com)

 Why study History?

Universities and employers value a qualification in History as it demonstrates good skills of analysis, evidence handling, problem solving and communication. History will prepare you for a wide range of ideas, from TV or radio to written journalism; from marketing and law to social work and teaching. History compliments many other subjects, and it will enhance your understanding of the world around you by asking you to consider some of the moral, political and social issues of the past and present.

Course content

Unit 1H -  Britain transformed 1918-1997

• The extent to which Britain was transformed politically, socially, economically and culturally in the years 1918–79.
• Responses to the challenges of war, fluctuations in the economy, technological advancement and the desire for greater social equality.
• A study of the impact  of  Thatcher’s government 1979–97.

Unit 2H - The USA, 1955–92: conformity and challenge

• post-1945 affluence,
• racial and political protests in the 1960s
• the rise of right-wing groups in the 1980s and the development of bitter divisions between Democrats and Republicans.

Unit 3H - The Witch Craze in Britain, Europe and North America c1580-c1750

• Major witchcraft trials in England, Scotland, Germany and America.

Unit 4 - Coursework

• One piece of coursework (3-4000 words) on the historiography of the origins of the Holocaust.