At a glance


Course title                                Mathematics

Level                                         AS and A2

Exam board                               AQA (


A level maths consists of 6 modules that carry equal weight in the final mark. Course overview

In year 12 students will study 3 modules: Core 1, Core 2 and Statistics 1. The course will be delivered by two teachers. Students will be required to purchase their own textbook for the first 2 core modules. They will also need to purchase a graphic calculator. Details will be provided at the start of the course.

In year 13 students study 3 more modules: Core 3, Core 4 and statistics.

GCSE resit

We also offer GCSE resit maths in year 12. All students enrolled in the sixth form without a C grade at GCSE are required to resit their maths GCSE exam.

Lessons are offered to these students during their study periods.

Most students will resit the exam in November, with the option of a further exam in June if necessary.