At a glance


Course title                                Mathematics

Entry Requirement                    Level 5 in GCSE maths

Exam board                               Edexcel

Why study Mathematics?

Mathematics is a successful and popular choice in the sixth form. It is a challenging subject which offers a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction, whilst offering useful support for a range of other A Levels. All further courses and careers welcome Mathematics A Level in combination with other subjects. Employers actively look for A Level Mathematics as it is such a desirable qualification. It is essential to have Mathematics A Level when progressing on to study many of the sciences, engineering, computing and mathematics at university.

Course content

Students will study pure, statistics and mechanics mathematics. There are two papers that are taken after the end of Year 1. Paper One covers pure mathematics and Paper Two covers  statistics and mechanics. At the end of year two, students will take three exams, testing all of the topics in more depth.