At a glance

Course title                         Physical Education

Level                                  AS and A2

Exam board                        OCR (


Physical Education at A Level examines four aspects of sport science:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Sport psychology
  • Historical and sociological aspects
  • Skill acquisition

This is delivered through a combination of theoretical study and practical performance.

Course overview


  • Unit 1: An introduction to Physical Education, incorporating applied physiology, skill acquisition and opportunities for participation
  • Unit 2: Acquiring, developing and evaluating practical skills in Physical Education, incorporating ability as a performer, official or leader, and application of theoretical knowledge for effective performance


  • Unit 3: Principles and concepts across different areas of Physical Education, incorporating applied physiology to optimise performance, psychological aspects that optimise performance and evaluation of contemporary influences
  • Unit 4: The improvement of effective performance and the critical evaluation of practical activities in Physical Education, incorporating observation, analysis and the application of knowledge and understanding to optimise performance



One 2 hour exam at the end of the AS year to apply theoretical knowledge, including stretch and challenge questions. One 2 ½ hour exam at A2.

Practical - Students perform, analyse and evaluate their own performance in isolated and competitive situations across two sports at AS and one at A2.