Philosophy and Ethics

At a glance

Course title                               Religious Studies – Philosophy and Ethics

Entry requirement Level             Level 5 in English

Exam board                              AQA (

Why study Religious Studies?

This is unanimously recognised by universities as an academic and challenging subject. It is useful for studying Theology, Philosophy, Law and History at university. It will support careers in teaching, journalism, law, and youth and social work. You will develop a passion for discussing moral issues and investigating topics which affect the society within which we live. Some of the skills you develop are transferable to other subjects, such as the ability to analyse and think critically, and the ability to discuss the strengths of an argument.

Course content

The course is split into three different topics: Philosophy, Religion and Ethics:


• Evil and suffering
• Arguments for the existence of God
• Religious experience
• Religious language
• Miracles
• The self and life after death


• Ethical theories (utilitarianism, virtue ethics, deontology)
• Issues on human life and death
• Issues on animal life and death
• Introduction to meta ethics
• Free will and moral responsibility
• Conscience


•Religion, gender and sexuality
•Religion and science
•Religion and secularisation
•Religion and religious pluralism
•Sources of wisdom and authority