Philosophy and Ethics

At a glance

Course title                               Religious Studies – Philosophy and Ethics

Level                                        AS and A2

Exam board                              Edexcel (


Unit 1: Foundations -  50% of A/S Grade  – Philosophy and Ethics

  • How can we prove that God exists?
  • If God exists, why does evil occur?
  • What is the nature of ‘free will’?
  • Is it possible to have a Just War?
  • How do modern wars different from previous wars?

Unit 2: Investigations – 50% of A/S Grade – Ethical Study

  • This is an independent study unit which will be guided by your teacher on the topic of organ transplantation and donation.

Unit 3: Developments – 50% of A2 Grade – Philosophy and Religion

  • What is death?
  • Religious Experience
  • Virtue Ethics
  • Kant’s ‘Categorical Imperative’
  • Is the law always right?
  • Are all members of society bound together by a contact?

Unit 4: Implications – 50% of A2 Grade – Moral Philosophy

You will have to consider, examine and discuss:

  • The consequences of holding certain opinions, views or beliefs, including your own.
  • How a particular belief or value could affect other people, either from good or ill
  • How other people’s lives might be affected if a certain belief were widely held or a certain value widely applied.

You will read an anthology of three philosophical works and be given an extract from one of these in the exam. You will be asked to consider implications of beliefs, values, understanding and awareness of religion and human experience