At a glance


Course title                                Physics

Level                                         AS and A2

Exam board                               AQA (


Physics is about understanding how the world works. Physicists use imagination as much as mathematics to explain mysteries of the universe! Studying physics will help you to understand all manner of things, from atoms to aeroplanes, robots to radios and from greenhouses to galaxies.

Course overview


  • The nucleus including particles, antiparticles and photons; hadrons and leptons; the quark model
  • Quantum phenomena including photoelectricity, wave particle duality, energy levels and photon emission
  • Electricity including electrical quantities, resistivity, alternating current, circuits and components
  • Mechanics, including motion along a straight line, projectile motion, Newton’s laws of motion, energy and power
  • Properties of materials, including density and the Young modulus, waves, including longitudinal and transverse waves, progressive and stationary waves, refraction, diffraction and interference.


  • Gravitation and Electrostatics
  • Magnetism
  • Circular motion
  • Nuclear and thermal physics
  • An optional topic (medical physics is generally studied)


Assessment is by structured exam paper for each of the modules, there is no coursework, 40% of the marks are form maths based questions. Practical skills are assessed through twelve practical tasks, from which students will score a “pass” or a “fail” mark. This mark is independent of the final A level grade.