At a glance

Course title                                Psychology

Entry requirement                     Level 5 in GCSE Maths

Exam board                               AQA (

Why study Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, examining the way people behave and think. It is an extremely popular subject choice; students are offered the opportunity to explore and challenge their own and others’ opinions. In Psychology we learn about and perform critical analysis of studies and theories pertinent to the discipline. Psychology at EEHS provides students with the opportunity to achieve both an A-level and to develop a skill set applicable to many areas of their life so that learning continues beyond the classroom.

Course content

• Social influence
• Memory
• Attachment
• Approaches in psychology
• Psychopathology
• Research methods
• Biopsychology
• Issues and debates in psychology


There are also several option which you may choose to study further:

• Option 1
• Relationships
• Option 2
• Schizophrenia
• Option 3
• Agression