At a glance

Course title                               Spanish

Level                                        AS and A2

Exam board                              AQA (


Among many other benefits, this course is designed to encourage you to:

  • develop the knowledge and skills acquired at GCSE level and therefore use Spanish in a wide range of contexts
  • gain a useful insight into another culture and reflect on various aspects of contemporary society
  • enhance your employment prospects, facilitate foreign travel and experience the enjoyment and motivation of improving your linguistic levels

Course overview

The AS course will cover 4 units:


  • Media
  • Popular culture
  • Healthy living/lifestyle
  • Family/relationships

In A2 Spanish you will study 4 further topics:


  • the environment
  • the multicultural society
  • Contemporary social issuesCultural topic eg a target language-speaking region/community or the work of a target-language speaking film director or author

At both AS and A2 you will be assessed in listening, reading and writing. You will have a separate oral exam conducted by your teacher.