Queen's University Belfast Internship

Queens University Belfast

What is the Internship (QI)?

The Internship is a one week teaching placement available to teacher candidates who are in their final year of study at Queens University in Belfast. The intent of the one week QI is to stretch the students’ knowledge about teaching and learning. Accordingly, candidates must be placed in situations where they can observe and assist in classroom instruction.

Role Description for (QI) Candidates

While completing your QI with Uteach, you will support teachers in your placement school​ and help students with their education in the classroom. Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

•             Helping to prepare the classroom and ensuring it is ready for lessons

•             Assisting with lesson planning and preparing teaching materials

•             Leading and teaching classes under the direction of the class teacher

•             Working with students who need extra support to complete tasks

•             Supervising group activities

•             Supporting class teachers in managing classroom behaviour

•             Helping with the marking of class tasks and class tests

•             Assessing, recording, and reporting on the progress of students you work with

•             Working alongside teachers to support learning activities

•             Taking part in on-line and in-person training

•             Carrying out administrative tasks to assist the class teacher

Goals for this field experience include​ developing​ an enriched awareness and expanded understanding of the diverse setting in which education occurs – as such, your school will aim to provide you​ with as much exposure to the UK education system as possible during your internship.

​When and where will the internship (QI) take place?

​The internship will take place at Epsom and Ewell High School (http://www.epsomandewellhighschool.com/) in Surrey at a date to be confirmed. Epsom and Ewell is partnered with Uteach for training purposes and as such, is committed to providing teacher candidates with all of the support and guidance they need in order to have a positive and productive internship experience.​

What will I gain from the internship?

•             The chance to see English schools in operation

•             The opportunity to work with actual students and make a difference ​to their education​

•             A​n insight into the English curriculum

•             Networking opportunities with Irish and other overseas teachers working in the English

•            ​A​ feel for the ethos that operates in UK schools

•            An​ understand​ing of​ key terms and emphases that characterise our schools

•            ​A​ feel for the locality

•            ​Experience to add to your CV 


  1. Is teaching in Northern Ireland very similar to that in England? 

           The classroom teaching is similar - I have a 5 period day and teach all year groups. It is the
           same age ranges as NI.

           Behaviour is mixed as it is in all schools, whether in England or NI. The exam boards vary - as 
           they do in NI - but the course content is pretty much the same.

           For me there was little adjustment to be made in terms of the teaching as NI and England
           (both work with KS3 and GCSEs).

           ​T​his is definitely a bonus and takes the pressure off moving when you are comfortable with the

2.     If there are differences can you list them and how significant they are?

        Year groups are called year 7 - 11 - but you get used to it very quickly!

        The school year is longer which takes a bit of getting used to but it balances out because you get
        an extra half term break in May.

       The expectation of teachers outside the classroom is definitely higher - admin, the importance of
       data, intervention and tracking parental contact etc. (just a few examples) takes up a lot of time
       and time management is a skill that you must have or learn very quickly. This pressure is definitely
       the biggest difference and the one that takes the most getting used to.

3.     Is the adjustment quite seamless to teaching in England for a teacher from Northern

       Yes,​ I found it very seamless for the teaching side of the profession. There are ​no major changes
       in school life from NI to England.

4.     Would it be very easy to return home and teach there or would changes in the
        curriculum make it a significant adjustment?​

        I can't imagine it would be difficult to return home at all. Gaining full time experience in schools in
        England can only improve your chances of getting a job back in NI and having the experience of
        different exam boards is also a benefit.​


Are you interested in completing your internship at Epsom and Ewell with Uteach? If so, please send a copy of your resume to brenda@uteachrecruitment.com or sign up on the Uteach website here.