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The Blue Whale

We have been made aware of a ‘game’ on social media. We wanted to make parents and carers aware so they could talk to their young people and keep an eye on their internet usage.

The Blue Whale challenge allegedly involves vulnerable teenagers being contacted by the game’s ‘curator’ on social media and provoked into completing a number of tasks over the course of 50 days.

These involve watching horror videos all day, cutting all relationships with family and friends, and various forms of self-harm that must be filmed and sent to the curator for confirmation that the challenge is completed.

The game supposedly culminates in supervisors asking participants to commit suicide.

Teens were also threatened if they refused to comply with the requests, as their curators use IP trackers to identify where the victims actually live.

It is unclear whether Blue Whale is just an urban legend or an actual suicide game promoted by death cults on social media.

There's no evidence to say anything untoward is going on with the Blue Whale challenge in our school, but we feel it's best to keep parents and carers informed.