Year 7 Reading Challenge Homework

At least once every half term, you are expected to complete a reading challenge of your choice about a book that you are reading outside of class.

Twitter Review

Eye Eye

Dramatic Monologue

New Book Cover

New Book Cover

Write a Twitter review of your book and use #SCHOOLBookReview so that other students can read it.  Fill an A4 piece of paper with a drawing of one character’s eye and what they can see (reflected in their eye). Write a dramatic monologue for one of the main characters. Design a new book cover with your own tagline and blurb. Write a letter to the author giving your response to the book and asking any questions you may have. You might get a reply!
Collage Song Storyboard Drawing Script
Create a collage about your book using both images and words. Write a song about your book. You could perform this in class. Create a storyboard about your book. Draw a picture of a main character annotated with key quotations that describe them. 

Turn a section of your book into a short play script or script for a TV show.

Flow Diagram Social Media Map Speech News Report
Create a flow diagram of the plot. Mock up a Facebook or Twitter page for one of the main characters. Draw and label a map of the main setting(s).

Write a persuasive speech convincing your class to read your chosen book.

Write a news report about a key event in your book.