Maths Curriculum Vision 

Our teachers aim to employ particular teaching approaches that help their students form a positive attitude towards mathematics and develop their mathematical resilience.  

During Key Stage 3 we hope to nurture a strong understanding of the fundamental basics. In addition, we introduce key life skills into the curriculum. Skills such as telling the time, managing money and cooking. We offer a bespoke curriculum whereby students are set according to ability. This gives students the opportunity to learn at a pace appropriate to their individual need. 

Key stage 4 teaching and learning is tailored towards the GCSE exam. Students study for the Edexcel 9 - 1 GCSE made up of 1 non calculator and 2 calculator papers. During year 10 and year 11 students study the six main components that make up the exam; number, algebra, ratio and proportion, geometry and measure, probability and statistics. A large focus is placed on exam practice and interleaving of topics.  

Alongside the GCSE exam we offer Additional Maths and Further Maths as additional qualifications for our high achieving students. 

Beyond the GCSE we offer A-level Mathematics, in which we aim to push our students to understand mathematics in a way that promotes a holistic understanding of mathematical processes. We also strive to promote confidence, foster enjoyment and provide a strong foundation for them to progress further. 

How do we help our students to ROAR? 

Resilient: We create a classroom environment by which students are encouraged to approach mathematics with confidence in their work effort, persistence in the face of difficulty and a willingness to discuss, reflect and research. 

Open Minded: Students tend to have a preconception to certain topics that they don’t like in maths and we encourage them to create a love of learning across all topics. We strive to make all topics relatable to a real-life concept.  

Aspirational: We aim to give students the best opportunity to achieve their maximum potential through constant challenge and encouragement. We offer both foundation and higher curriculum for all students. We offer extracurricular activities for all students. Our extracurricular activities include; Additional Mathematics and Further Maths for our high achieving students, UKMT maths challenge and lunch time homework clubs. 

Reflective: We encourage students to be reflective in their work. With the use of deep learning and FIT we motivate students to reflect and make improvements if needed. 

Year 7:  


We aim to develop an interest and curiosity of Mathematics during year 7. We introduce the fundamental skills for each topic whilst also incorporating real life skills. 


Year 8:  


We continue in aiming to develop an interest and curiosity of Mathematics during year 8. We introduce the fundamental skills for each topic whilst also incorporating real life skills. 


Year 9: 


Students begin to build on their knowledge of topics. More emphasis will be on problem solving and reasoning of topics. There will be a greater focus on how topics interleave. 


Year 10:  


Students begin their GCSE course. We aim to develop fluency between topics with a strong focus towards algebra. We strive to ensure students are able to deconstruct and apply their knowledge towards problem solving questions. 


Year 11:  


Students continue their studies of Mathematics through interleaving and retrieval practice. This year is focused on finishing the GCSE content and prepping the students for their exams through revision and exam practice. 


Year 12:  


We begin with revisiting and consolidating concepts, skills and processes from GCSE. The students will then extend and build upon this knowledge to further develop their mathematical skills and fluency. 


Year 13:  


Students will build upon their knowledge from year 12. The topics are sequenced to develop a greater understanding of the course with a focus on problem solving and application skills. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to best prepare them for their A level exams and to ensure that they reach their potential. 


Learning Journey

Maths KS3 Learning Journey

Maths KS4 Learning Journey

Maths KS5 Learning Journey

Course specifications 

FSMQ Additional Maths specification

Further Maths Specification

A/AS Level specification

GCSE specification

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