Deep Learning

What and Why

Deep learning is our new and innovative approach to learning in KS3.

Our aim is to create a learning identity which is unlike anywhere else. We want to challenge our KS3 students to ‘think hard’ in every lesson, become independent and feel better prepared for the challenges of the new educational landscape.

You can find out more by watching the animation here:



As a school we are working to amend and adapt lessons so that all students in KS3 become fully immersed in deep learning. We are consistently using higher order thinking skills to encourage students to become confident, inquisitive and resilient. Some examples of the types of skills and questions students have been using in KS3 lessons are shown below:

Skills - These form the basis of all KS3 lessons

Solve Determine Compare Subdivide Conclude Measure Design Produce
Modify Demonstrate Categorise Question Grade Convince Plan Imagine
Relate Teach Select Test Select Decide Invent Solve
Predict Group Rank Devise Justify Recommend Construct Arrange
Develop   Criticise   Debate   Modify  


Questions - Students are regularly prompted to ask and answer these questions

How would you change or modify? What conclusions can you draw? Is there a better solution or alternative? Can you create a solution?
What other way could you plan to… What’s the main idea? What changes would you recommend? What would happen if?
What do you think would happen next? Which is the most or least important? What do you think about… How many ways can you…
Can you group by characteristics? What are other possible outcomes? How would you grade this? How would you improve this?
Use examples to explain… Discuss the pros and cons… What is more important? Propose an alternative…


Deep Learning Tasks

We would like parents and carers to get involved in deep learning by completing out of school tasks with our students. These are tasks are not homework and do not need to be handed in to anyone. Deep learning tasks can be downloaded via the links below; they are not extensive and quite often require a discussion based around the topic, questions or activity provided. Deep learning tasks will be posted online on a regular basis and parents will receive a text message to inform them of when a new task is available to download.

We hope you can appreciate the potential benefit and positive impact deep learning will have on your child’s progress. If you have any questions or you would like to visit the school and see deep learning in action please contact Miss C Asdell.




- Nov 13
Only 1 week to go until the Year 9 Drama class perform ‘Hamlet’ at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. Tickets are selling out fast with limited seats available. For more information please visit
- Nov 12
Safeguarding evening 29th November 5.30-6.45 pm We will be showing the short film Breck’s last game which forms a part of our PSHE programme on online grooming and we will be giving advice on how to keep young people safe online. To book a place email
- Nov 9
To mark the centenary of the First World War year 9 have created some blackout poetry using extracts from Journey's End, War Horse and All Quiet on the Western Front.
- Nov 3
#DITTO is a freeonline safety magazine for schools, organizations and parents to keep you up to date with risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online.
- Oct 20
A huge thank you and well done to the performing arts team and the wonderful cast of Legally Blonde who gave up their first Saturday of half-term to rehearse. The show, which takes place on the 11th and 12th of December, looks set to be absolutely brilliant!
- Oct 19
Public exhibition of new sports and teaching facilities’: We were delighted to welcome well over 200 visitors to our public exhibition of the proposed new teaching and sports facilities at Epsom and Ewell High School, to be funded by a high quality…
- Oct 19
Our Year 10 students spent this morning programming BitBots – robotic vehicles that use the BBC Microbit as their onboard computer. Students had to tackle two programs, one for the transmitting Microbit and one for the receiver that was attached to and controlled the BitBot.
- Oct 19
Fixtures for first week back: •Wednesday 7th November – Y8 Football Away Vs St. Andrews •Thursday 8th November – Y9 & Y10 Netball Away Vs Three Rivers Academy
- Oct 19
•Y10 Football Away Vs St. Andrews – Won 4-0 •Y7 Football Away Vs St. Andrews – Won 3-1 •Y8 Football Away Vs Christs Richmond (Surrey Cup) – Won 5-0 •Y7b Football Away Vs Blenheim – Draw 2-2 •Y10 Netball Away Vs Blenheim – Loss •Y10 Football Away Vs Hinchley Wood – Won 2-0
- Oct 18
@Katie_Lewis_ Apologies Katie. This must have slipped through the franking machine. Please feel free to collect a refund from the office.
Provision Map @provisionmap - Oct 16
@MackworthHouse The staff at have worked very hard to developed our software @Classcharts but this tweet from a parent to her son's school has made it all worthwhile.
- Oct 16
The year 9 Bronze D of E parent meeting is on Wednesday 17th October 6pm in the Main school hall. All year 9 parents and students interested in Bronze D of E are welcome. The year 10 and 12 Silver meeting will be after half term date TBC.
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