All students in the main school (years 7-11) must wear the full school uniform.

The uniform consists of a black blazer with school badge, black tailored trousers or school skirt, white shirt or blouse, tie and completely black shoes. All items of school uniform including full PE kit are available from Lester Bowden (Stevensons) in Epsom, our uniform stockist, who know exactly what is needed. If your child comes to school incorrectly dressed he or she may not be allowed to take part in lessons.

Please note that:

  • Personal jewellery is not allowed, except for a single set of stud earrings
  • No facial piercings are allowed this includes nose, eyebrows and around the lips
  • Nail varnish is not allowed
  • False nails are not allowed
  • False eye lashes are not allowed
  • Light make-up can be worn but that deemed to be excessive will have to be removed
  • Hoodies are not allowed
  • Top buttons and ties must be done up and the length of the school tie must allow it to sit just above the child’s waistband
  • Hair can only be dyed to reflect natural colours
  • Personal bracelets and rings cannot be worn
  • Necklaces cannot be on public display
  • Trousers must be tailored; 'skinny' style is not permitted
  • School coats must be a dark colour and without large logos. A blazer must be worn at all times
  • Uniform regulations apply on the journeys to and from school and on school trips unless otherwise advised.

Full details of uniform are issued to all parents at the start of every year. For detailed information please visit https://www.stevensons.co.uk/schools/epsom--ewell-high-school-epsom/626

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