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Are you passionate about shaping young minds, fostering a love for learning, and making a lasting impact in education? If so, Epsom and Ewell High School invites individuals with a deep commitment to education and a desire to inspire the next generation to join our dynamic team. At Epsom and Ewell High School, we believe that dedicated educators play a pivotal role in shaping the future, and we are always on the lookout for individuals who share this vision.

Partnering with Xavier Teach SouthEast, as our training provider, we offer a unique opportunity for aspiring teachers to embark on a fulfilling journey in the field of education. Together, we are committed to providing the right support, training, and environment for individuals to grow into resilient, happy teachers able to help our children reach their full potential. Read more about Xavier Teach SouthEast below:

Xavier Teacher SouthEast

At Xavier Teach SouthEast we are passionate about teaching! We believe it’s the best job and that with the right nurture, training and environment, you will grow into a resilient, happy teacher, capable of improving the standard of education for all children in the schools you will work in over your career. We are excited to meet you and hear about your passion for working with young people and how we can support you make this vision a reality. Our experience tells us that the training year can be a challenging adventure but, if you choose Teach SouthEast, you will be choosing a provider that is committed to your well-being as a priority alongside your professional growth. Being a Teaching School Hub puts us in a unique position to support your development beyond the ITT year. Our Hubs will continue your professional development through your early years in teaching and beyond.


Click here to visit Xavier Teach SouthEast's website and learn more about their teacher training programmes

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