Year 6 Transition

Our next Open Evening is on Thursday 8th October 2020

The transition between primary school and secondary school is an extremely important one which we take very seriously.

It is a high priority for us that any new students joining the school feel supported, cared for and able to succeed. We will do everything we can to make the change of schools as easy as possible for every student.

  • Our dedicated team of learning mentors work with vulnerable students by offering early experience of the school during the summer term prior to them joining the following September.
  • EEHS works with local cluster schools, and deliver the performing arts curriculum in three schools which are part of the Bourne Education Trust.
  • We run a variety of sessions and workshops for students, including bespoke maths sessions, sports sessions and a crime scene investigates.
  • Many EEHS students work with primary school students, assisting in maths workshops and listening to disadvantaged learners read aloud.
  • We visit every new year 6 students in their primary school so we are ready to support them fully when they arrive at secondary school.

To help parents prepare their child for secondary school we have created the following presentation. Please come to one of our summer tours to find out more.

Preparing for Secondary School Presentation

Some of our new year 7s know how it feels to go from primary school to secondary school and wanted to give the next group of year 6s some friendly words of support and guidance.

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