A Message from the School Leaders

Harvey-  School Leader

I feel immensely proud to call myself a school leader. Working with my teachers and peers in order to give back to the school means a lot to me. This school has provided me with the skills and motivation to achieve A Levels with, hopefully, results that I am very proud of. I currently study Psychology, Sociology and Art, and have enjoyed studying such a range of subjects with the guidance of the teachers here at EEHS.

The dedicated staff and warm atmosphere you get at EEHS makes sure that your experience as a student is enjoyable, social and challenging academically. On a personal level I couldn’t reinforce enough support given at this school which highlights the close-knit community of Epsom and Ewell’s sixth form.

Katie - School Leader

My position as school leader is one that I’m extremely proud of, and I feel privileged to be a part of the sixth form leadership team. I currently study English, History and Dance at A Level. Our sixth form is a positive, welcoming and hard-working place, in which I feel supported all of the time. It also has a good balance of independence and support, which is vital for success.

Support is provided from not only the staff at our school, but also the students within our sixth Form. Due to the support from our teachers, I have been able to discover a love for English and History and I wish to go one to study at a Russell Group university. Being at Epsom and Ewell has given me countless opportunities to succeed, and I believe I will be able to fulfil my aim of going to university because of the support I am given and support other students to do the same.

Ryan- School Leader

Being deputy school leader is a wonderful privilege and I am proud to have such an important role in the amazing community at Epsom and Ewell. I am compelled to help make the students here feel supported, which is why I am responsible for the wellbeing branch of our junior leadership team.

I study Maths, History and Psychology which is a brilliant selection of A Levels as I am introduced to a variety of skills, such as logical thinking and interpretive analysis which will benefit me in future years to come.

I, of course, would highly recommend sixth form to anyone considering joining us at Epsom and Ewell. You will be welcomed and incredibly encouraged to become the best student you can be in our positive and productive environment.


Edward- School Leader

Being part of the school leadership team has been a tremendous opportunity for myself and is something I feel allows development for myself as an individual and for the wholesome community to which our sixth form is founded upon. In my current studies of History, English and Media I experienced first-hand a verity of class sizes from a handful to a dozen

Sixth form life at Epsom and Ewell I feel has been one of the most welcoming progressions into A level studies. I personally believe that my aspirations are truly cared about by each member of staff and that the environment we as a sixth form have at our disposal is the best to ensure success at all turns. As someone who is aspiring to study degree level law I can firmly say that the ambition has been something that has only gained momentum thanks to the stimulating environment the sixth form offers each and every one of its students.



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