Year 11 Information for Parents

Studying for the GCSE examinations is arguably the most important year in students’ school careers.

Our Year 11s are already busy revising at the many after school revision sessions available to them in preparation for their upcoming mocks, using the revision lists provided to them by each subject. We know that as parents, you will be eager to support your child in every way possible in the lead up to the GCSEs. Please find below some useful information to help you guide your child as they prepare for their examinations.

Mock Results and Parents’ Evening 

Students will receive the results of their most recent mocks on Monday 30th March, the link to these reports will also be sent to you on this day via email/text.  

Your child’s final Parents Evening will take place on Thursday 2nd April. We want you to come away from the evening knowing exactly what progress your child is making and what needs to be done to ensure he or she meets or exceeds targets. It is therefore vital that your child comes with you in full uniform.  We will also have more information available on the evening for Prom, the yearbook, leavers assembly and leavers hoodies.  

Easter Revision 

We intend running select revision sessions on 6th, 7th and 8th of April. A timetable will be circulated to students in the coming weeks and they are encouraged to make full use of this opportunity. If students are attending, it is important to note that they will need to provide their own lunch as the canteen will be closed. Students will have permission to leave site during the break should they need to buy lunch. Students do not need to be in full uniform for these sessions but we do ask that they dress appropriately, arrive on time and be respectful to the fact that our staff are coming in to support during their holidays.  

Attendance and Punctuality 

As there is such a strong link between attendance and attainment, it is important that students are in school and on time every day in the coming weeks.  

During the exam period, in the case that a student is late on the morning or afternoon of an exam, please contact the school as a matter of urgency to provide an update. Students are expected to attend all exams they are entered for. In the unlikely case that a student is absent during an exam, the cost of that examination (approximately £30 per paper) will be transferred to the parent or carer.  


Students are expected to be in attendance to all lessons between now and the May half term. After the May half term, students are expected to attend lessons in which they are still preparing for an exam or coursework. Students are welcome to use classrooms in school to revise during the other times, but will be expected to take breaks during normal school break and lunch times.  


Students are required to have the following equipment for all exams: two black pens, a pencil, a ruler and a scientific calculator. Only clear pencil cases are permitted in the exam hall. Clear bottles of water are permitted, provided the label has been removed.  

Examination Hall Rules 

It is imperative that students follow the rules of the examination hall. Failure to do so may result in the student being disqualified from all exams. The key rules are: 

  • Students must be on time 
  • Students must not communicate with anyone (this includes turning around, making eye contact or borrowing equipment) 
  • Phones and other technological equipment (including headphones and smart watches) are not permitted in the exam hall 
  • Students must not bring bags, notes or any other study material into the exam hall 
  • Students may not use the toilet in the first and last half hour 
  • Students must not deface the examination paper; this includes scribbling or doodling on the paper 
  • Students may not leave the exam hall before an exam finishes and may not leave during an exam without being accompanied by an invigilator 

After The Exam Period 

Wednesday 24th June is the nationwide GCSE examination contingency date, which all students will need to be available for. This date is set by exam boards each year to be used in the very unlikely event that there is an issue with any of the original examination dates. Students and parents will be informed if they are needed to attend an examination on this date.  

Although the majority of qualifications will be complete at the end of the formal examination period (Tuesday 16th June), students who have taken courses that include coursework (Physical Education, Health and Fitness, Health and Social, Food and Catering, Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles, Media, Dance and Drama) may be required to make some adjustments to their coursework if their work is sent back from the exam board.   



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