Hearing Resource Base

The Centre

The Hearing Resource Base is the only specialist provision within a mainstream secondary school in Surrey for students with a hearing impairment.  It is a well-established provision, catering for oral students and those needing sign support. It comprises of two teaching rooms that have been acoustically treated to minimise reverberation and resonance, and is equipped with a flashing bell/fire alarm.

Students are supported in class by an experienced team of TAs, and qualified Teachers of the Deaf deliver 1:1 tutorials and small group teaching within the Resource Base. There is weekly input from a specialist Speech & Language Therapist and regular support from an Audiology Technician. All students wear post aural hearing aids or cochlear implants in conjunction with a radio aid system, where appropriate.

Vision statement

Epsom and Ewell High School's Hearing Resource Base is committed to providing the best possible quality of education for all our students. It is our belief that all students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum taught by staff who have ongoing deaf awareness training.  Alongside mainstream staff, we ensure the curriculum is differentiated for every individual.

Our Philosophy – We believe that hearing-impaired children…

  • Have the right to the same access to excellent education as that offered to hearing children.
  • Have the same capacity to learn as hearing children. However, we recognise that a hearing-impaired child’s command of language and literacy is likely to be affected as a result of their hearing loss.
  • Are entitled to the same broad and balanced curriculum as their hearing peers, but in order to facilitate this, we meet their individual needs accordingly.
  • Will be best supported if all the professionals (teachers of the deaf, mainstream teachers, audiologists, speech and language therapists etc.) work closely together with parents in order to meet all the needs of each hearing-impaired child.
  • Are fully included in the school community.

What do we do in the unit?

The support allocated, both in mainstream and in the resource, is based on individual need. This need is determined by various ongoing assessments and liaison with other agencies and feeder primary schools. We work very closely with our Speech and Language Therapist, who specialises in children and young people with a hearing impairment.  All of the Teachers of the Deaf receive training from the therapist to help develop the students’ spoken and written language.

We make literacy and language an integral part of our work in the unit to ensure that our students make good progress across their subjects.  Hearing-impaired students come to the centre for curriculum support sessions, in which they have time with a Teacher of the Deaf to work on literacy or tackle any areas of difficulty they have encountered in mainstream lessons.

We believe it is important to provide a differentiated, yet inclusive curriculum and so our Teachers of the Deaf teach English and maths to small groups of hearing impaired and hearing students who experience particular difficulties in these subjects.

We take an holistic approach to the students’ education by focusing on their well-being.  We follow the Healthy Minds curriculum from the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS), which allows the students to explore their deafness and to build a positive identity as a young deaf person.   We strive to foster a sense of equality and show the students that they can be successful deaf adults.  We celebrate Deaf Awareness Week throughout the school, invite deaf role models in to speak to students and also go on trips and educational activities to promote a positive sense of well-being.

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