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We are proud to be a Partner school of Teach SouthEast, a SCITT provider (School Centred Initial Teacher Training).

Teach SouthEast provides all trainees with high quality training, in both primary and secondary settings, to enable them to develop into competent and confident professionals. Trainees are well prepared through first-rate complementary placements which ensure that they gain substantial practical experience, developing their evaluative and practical teaching skills effectively.

In-school expert mentors and external subject trainers have consistently high expectations and work collaboratively to ensure training is coherent and highly relevant to the needs of trainees.

Interested applicants should follow this link.

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We are delighted to have been appointed by the Xavier Teaching School Hub as a Delivery Partner school for the Early Career Framework (ECF) programme, offered in partnership with Teach First.  Since September 2021 all newly qualified teachers are required to undertake a two-year induction period, throughout which they are entitled to extensive, additional high-quality training, which has been specifically designed to extend and enhance their knowledge and skills.  As a Delivery Partner school, exemplary practitioners from our teaching team deliver that training, working with Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and their mentors from a wide variety of settings.

Epsom and Ewell High School and the Xavier Teaching School Hub share the same core belief that every child in our community deserves the best possible education so that their life chances are maximised.  Together, we recognise that the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers!  We are therefore committed to delivering high-quality, evidenced-based teacher development opportunities. We aim to challenge, inspire and nurture the talents and skills of teachers at all stages of their careers, enabling them to become outstanding practitioners and leaders so that all children can receive the education they need and so richly deserve.

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