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Business is a fast growing subject at Epsom and Ewell High School, the subject is offered at three levels: OCR Cambridge National (vocational qualification), GCSE and A-Level.

In the study of Business, students get the opportunity to begin their journey in to the adult world. The subject investigates human resources, marketing, finance and business planning. It provides students with an inspirational insight in to how a unique idea scribbled on a post-it note can turn in to a multi-million-pound business.

The OCR Cambridge National (vocational qualification) allows students to take an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. It provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge required for further study in business, career planning and the role of enterprise in business.

The GCSE and A Level course looks at the nature of business using business models, theories and techniques to support contemporary business issues the students will see in the media. The subject engages students as all topics are relevant to today’s society, they are able to apply their knowledge easily to their own day to day life.

A highlight of the year for the Business department is our annual year 9 enterprise project. Each year students are given £5 to invest in their own business idea to compete to generate the most profit, all of which is donated to our school charity. Not only do students thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to donate a significant amount to charity, they also enjoy experiencing the real life trials and tribulations setting up a business can create.

The subject of business truly opens the eyes of the students and widens their view on the complexities of decision making. From understanding why companies use certain colours in their branding to the importance of crisis-planning. 

Course specifications can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

OCR Cambridge Nationals – Enterprise and Marketing

Business GCSE Edexcel

Business A Level AQA

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