Computer Science

"Computer science inverts the normal. In normal science, you're given a world, and your job is to find out the rules. In computer science, you give the computer the rules, and it creates the world." - Alan Kay

Students will develop a wide variety of Computer Science skills during their time at Epsom and Ewell High School.

In Key Stage 3, the programme of study offered to students builds on the basic skills learnt in primary school, and have the opportunity to explore what Computer Science is all about – from E-Safety, Computer Science Theory and Encryption to Microbit Programming and Game Design. The scheme of work is designed to provide students with a wider view of Computer Science concepts, with the aim to put them in a very well-informed position to decide if they wish to follow Computer Science into GCSE and beyond.

Topics covered in KS3:

·         E-safety

·         Scratch Programming

·         Information Security

·         BBC Microbit programming

·         ICT skills (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

·         Computer Science Theory

If students choose to continue studying computing during Key Stage 4, they will complete the OCR Computer Science GCSE. During this course students will develop knowledge and understanding of the following areas:

·         Programming and algorithm design

·         Computational thinking

·         Theoretical aspects of Computer Science

·         Network designs, protocols and security issues

·         Data representation

·         Ethical & legal issues surrounding Computer Science

Throughout the Computer Science course of study, students will have the opportunity to work on short projects, such as building a computer and programming autonomous robotic vehicles. These projects are designed to enhance students’ knowledge of particular topics of the course specification, while enabling them to have a more well-rounded exposure to different aspects of Computer Science.

Students completing the Computer Science GCSE will take two exams, each one worth 50% of their final GCSE grade. They will also complete a 20-hour programming project, which will help them consolidate their programming skills in an independent environment, while also providing valuable help for important components of their GCSE exam papers.

GCSE Specification

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