Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. - Carl Sagan

The Science department is extremely well resourced. There are 8 newly refurbished science laboratories. The department has specialist teachers in each of the disciplines and two full time technicians.

In key stage three students are already learning skills to assist them in their GCSE exams. The students undertake a practical driven course which truly drives their curiosity for the subject. At key stage four there are two routes for students; Triple science and Combined science. Each course is now on the new 1-9 assessment scale and will test student learning in each of the three subjects.

In the sixth form we offer separate A levels in physics, chemistry and biology. In addition, we offer the level 3 BTEC in applied science.

Extra-curricular activities play a significant role in the science department. In year 7 students will have the opportunity to study for the CREST bronze award. This is a STEM certification supported by universities. In year 10 students will be able to work towards the silver award.

GCSE Combined Science Trilogy Specification

GCSE Biology Specification

GCSE Chemistry Specification

GCSE Physics Specification

A Level Biology Specification

A Level Chemistry Specification

A Level Physics

Level 3 Applied Science Specification

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