“Music can change the world.”  Ludwig van Beethoven

At KS3 it is intended that the music curriculum is engaging, and offers appropriate challenge for all, inspiring pupils love of music, increasing self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. At KS3 there is a focus on practical exploration that succeeds in developing students performing, listening and composition skills.

At KS4 students can choose to study GCSE Music to develop these skills further whilst studying specific genres of music as well as great opportunities to perform. GCSE Music provides an accessible and creative musical education. Students broaden their musical horizons within five areas of study as they explore musical context, language, performance and composition.

As the music curriculum redevelops at EEHS, we look forward to a measurable impact of growth in class sizes aiming for an enriched music curriculum that will take us from KS3 to KS5 studies.

The Performing Arts Department offers students many trips and performance opportunities as well as opportunities to meet and attend workshops with professionals in the industry. Performance opportunities include the annual whole school production, a highlight in the school calendar, as well as public performances at the Shakespeare School’s Festival and Epsom Dance Festival. Opportunities to study the performing arts subjects at KS5 are available to those students aspiring to attend Sixth Form at EEHS.

GCSE Specification

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